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Khabarovsk is a biggest railroad junction. Amur river steamship company making delivery of cargo from Khabarovsk city to the north territory of the region, coastal point of Primorje, Magadanskaya oblast. River transport workers are master themselves with foreign marine. Khabarovsk airlines are conjunction with more than 40 Russian cities and many other country cities of Asian Pacific Region


Dispatchers building

Airport is a largest Russian airport of international significance in the Far East region. There are over a 1 million passengers goes through the airport services every year and it takes first place for the quantity of passengers transportation as internal and international airlines among airports of the Far East of Russia. Currently over 60 companies are making regular and charter flight to the Khabarovsk airport.

All air transportations goes through the new and small airports which are located at 10 kilometers distance from the city center. At the same location works a repairing base of the air crafts. One of the most important responsibilities of the air traffic controllers of Khabarovsk is to control flight routs such as Japan and Europe.

«Khabarovsk airport»: Flights: http://www.airkhv.ru/

CITY TRANSPORT - Tramway, trolleybus, bus, taxi.

According to Strategic Plan development of Khabarovsk city continue to 2020 year where says that the old tramway will be replaced by the new light rail. As the development of the future transport system progresses the most important part is to produce environmentally safe transport whether its tramway or a trolleybus. The tramway renovation has been started since 2003 year and continues up till now.

City bus routs:







Telephone numbers


Train station

The main Trans - Siberian railway passes the city and the main Baikal - Amursky passes the city of Komsomolsk on Amur. De luxe train «Ocean» route is from Khabarovsk city to Vladivostok. Suburban railway transportations are made by electric trains. In 2009 year has been completed reconstruction of the bridge across the Amur River, it has two way roads as for the automobiles and trains.

Train station inquiry office
Tel: (4212) 38-35-30

The city train station of Khabarovsk is located at the city center. At the train station a bus stop from where these buses depart to central market, north area and to Khabarovsk - 2.

Near the train station located the tramway stop from where you can reach the south area of Khabarovsk city on the tramway.



Tel: (4212) 56-39-09

Автовокзал города Хабаровска находится по адресу ул. Воронежская, 19 по соседству с частным сектором и недалеко от железнодорожного вокзала.
Отсюда отходят автобусы как пригородного, так и междугороднего сообщения.

Bus terminal of Khabarovsk city is located at the 19 Voronezhskya St near the private sector and the train station. Hence departs the buses to suburban and interstate direction.

To reach the Bus terminal you can take the following buses:
- from center: № 23, 4;
- from airport №35;
- from the train station № 11

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