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Tourist attraction

TOURIST ATTRACTION (Churches, parks, memorials, ponds)

The Amur river is the main attraction of the Russian Far East and one of the most greatest river in the world. The Amur is important for transport on the river in the Far East of Russia.

During the summer navigation on the Amur river ferrying millions of tons all possible cargos that are necessary for many lives of small and big populated areas.

The main square of Khabarovsk city is a unique architecture complex and favorite recreational area for Khabarovsk citizens and krai center guests. Eight small fountains and a large one, nine hundred various lanterns, over a thousand hydro technical installations are found there. The square planted area takes over 8.5 thousand square meters.


First builders of Khabarovka that is Khabarovsk city now days, were landed on the Amur riverside and build up a little wooden chapel in their rural area. In 1870 year the church had been replaced at military mount by wooden church and named it Innokentievsky after first bishop Irkutsky. The professor of theologian of the Slavo-Greek-Latin Academy, the Vicar of the Alexander Nevski monastery Innokenti in 1721 year has been appointed to position of the head of the spiritual mission in Beijing.

In 1898 year the wooden Innokentievskaya church has been replaced by stone church in Khabarovsk city.

When Bolsheviks came to power the Innokentievskaya church was decapitated as the others Russian churches and used for utility.

The partial restitution of the church to believers took place in 1992 year. To restore the church to its original forms there was used an antique pictures to calculate the number of bricks in destroyed fragment and then compare already restored sizes to extant parts of the wall.

Dormition Cathedral has been build on Komsomolsky and Cathedral square is a main part of Khabarovsk city. The project designer is Khabarovsk architect Yuri Viktorovic Podlesni.

The Church of The Rev Serafim Sarovsky.

680042, Khabarovsk city, 167 Tikhookeanskaya St. Tel. (4212) 22-41-22

The church location in the woodland park zone that is near one of the largest Far Eastern institutes of higher education - Pacific National University. Temple decorated with carved walnut iconostasis and icons, they were handwritten using gold by Moscow masters which have been working for a long time for Khabarovsk eparchy.

Grado-Khabarovsk Cathedral The Dormition of the Mother of God

680000, Khabarovsk city, Cathedral square, 1 Тел. (4212) 31-46-02.

The laying of the new temple was completed by 19 October 2000 year. The temple project was designed by architect Yuri Victorovic Podlesni.

The temple has been completed within a year. On the 29 of October was served gratitude prayer on occasion to completion of the temple construction.

On the 12 of October 2002 year had been past the religious procession devoted to the return of the Albazinski honorable list icon of the God Mother in Dormition Cathedral.

In the 19 of October 2002 year had took place ceremonial consecration of the Dormition Cathedral. For ceremonial consecration had arrived from Moscow the Metropolitan of Solnechnegorski Sergy, he is one of the highest hierarch of the Orthodox Church.

The Cathedral of the Transfiguration Church

680000, Khabarovsk city, square of Glory

Tel. (4212) 21-57-69

The construction of the Cathedral in Khabarovsk was blessed by Alexis 2 the patriarch of Moscow and of all the Russia. The first foundation of the church was started in 2001 year. The bishop of Khabarovsk and Mark of Priamursk on the 16th of October 2003 year did the thanksgiving service on completion of the construction. The Cathedral with five golden topped was build by sponsor help of businesses and organization, donations.

The church is located on the steep bank of the Amur river. The top height 83 meters. The Cathedral of the Transfiguration Church is for three thousand congregations.

Perish of the most Orthodox Prince St. Alexander Nevsky

680018, Khabarovsk city, 24 a Jasnaya St, Tel. (4212) 71-66-18

The church most important event was ceremonial handover of Kazan icon of the God Mother in 1998 year, the icon was brought from Vladimir city.

There is two temples. One of which has side chapel with the throne consecrated in the name of the most Orthodox Prince St. Alexander Nevsky. And the other one new constructed temple with chapel and the throne consecrated in the name of the Orthodox Prince St. Daniel of Moscow.

The Catholic perish of St. Benedict

Khabarovsk city, 221 Tikhookeanskaya St. Tel. (4212) 35-81-33

New Apostolic Church (Novoapostolskaya Church)

Khabarovsk city, 18 Kalinin St. Tel. (4212) 34-05-04.

The Orthodox Old Believers Church in the name of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin

Khabarovsk city, 26 Iljich 26 St. Tel. (4212) 48-35-48.

Khabarovsk Evangelic - Christians The Presbyterian Church

Khabarovsk city, 98 Djambula St. Tel. (4212) 39-11-50

Хабаровская церковь христиан веры Евангельской пятидесятников Иисуса Христа

г.Хабаровск, ул. Карла Маркса , 107б. Тел. (4212) 27-30-26.

Khabarovsk church of the Christian believes and Evangelic Pentecostals of Jesus Christ

Khabarovsk city, 107b Karl Marx St. Tel. (4212) 27-30-26.


One of the park decorations is the statue of governor-general of the East Siberia to Muravyov-Amursky. In the 1981 year there has been raised a monument of Muravyov-Amursky on the coast of Khabarovsk city with help of collected donations, the statue sculptor is the academician A.M. Opekushin. The project was alleged by Alexander III. The five meters monument of bronze had been shape made by parts in masterly of V.Z. Gavrilov in Saint Petersburg. The pedestal of blocks was made by the military engineer N.F. Alexandrov project.

The Dynamo park is a good recreational place at any time of the year. During the summer time there are lots of summer café in the park where adult resting with their children. There are beautiful trees, flowers, blossoming flowerbed, tennis court for people who play sport in the park.

The city park after A. Gaidar is one of the most favored spots for Khabarovsk children and their families. Here the youngsters can find cafes, various attractions and light and music fountains. The entertainment centre Harlequin located in the park is very popular.


There are raised a monuments that dedicated to different events or a person in Khabarovsk city. The peculiar monument is devoted to Erofey Khabarov, its been created by the project of the local sculptor Abram Milchin and unveil on May 1985 year at train station due to 100 years anniversary of the city.

In the central park of Khabarovsk city has been established a monument to Count Nikolai Muravyov - Amursky. It has been over 90 year since establishment of the monument to Vladimir Lenin on the main square of Khabarovsk city.

One of the main city sights on the square of Glory - is the memorial of the fallen at the Great Patriotic war. On the memorial plates a name list with the tens of thousands Khabarovsk krai people who fall at battlefront.


The city ponds cascades were presented by city administration. By July 2002 year has been reconstructed one of the city ponds that's complete Usury Boulevard. All works have been completed on the means of the city administration, donations of entrepreneurs, organizations and most of the citizens. In spring time of 2008 year for the city anniversary there have been reconstructed the third and the final of the city ponds.

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