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Students from Busan Come to Khabarovsk

Seven “brave” senior students have taken part in the students exchange program. They study different subjects but all of them are fond of the Russian language. The gusts from Busan have a very interesting itinerary. They are going to visit the Centre of Patriotic Education, Military Glory Square, schools, museums and have an excursion around the city on the first day. They are going to Zoosad Priamurskiy named after V.P. Sysoyev and Zaimka Tourist Complex the next day. Foreign students are also going to stay in families of their peers from Khabarovsk.

“Students Exchange program between Khabarovsk and Busan have existed for 22 years already. Its main goal is to help students who study a foreign language to communicate with native-speakers. Students also learn about the culture and the way of life, the city and meet new friends. It helps to strengthen friendly relationship between our countries”, the Head of International Relations Department of Khabarovsk City Administration said.

130 students have taken part in the project from both sides. The delegation of Khabarovsk students is going to Busan in autumn 2019. They are going to learn about the culture and the way of life of South Korea and spend a couple of days in the families of their foreign friends.

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