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Khabarovsk Yachtsmen Went to Fuyuan to Take Part in International Sailing Race

Solemn opening ceremony of the competition has taken place in Laguna Yacht Club. The organizers of Khabarovsk-Fuyuan-Khabarovsk sailing race are Physical Culture and Sports Department of Khabarovsk City Administration and Sailing Federation Khabarovsk Krai non-government organization. The international sailing competition has taken place for the fourth year in a row and are interesting both for Russian and Chinese yachtsmen.

“Sportsmen mainly from the South of China are taking part in the competition this year. They are strong sportsmen who have got used to sailing. All crews are mixed Russian and Chinese. I think that this race is a wonderful opportunity for the cooperation between our countries, the development of cruise tourism and especially cruises from Fuyuan to lower Amur”, the Chairman of City Sailing Federation Sergei Dolzhenko.

Fourteen yachts of different classes made in Russia, Japan or the US have taken part in the race from the Russian side. One boat was built by Khabarovsk sportsman himself. When the yachtsmen arrived in Fuyuan they took part in a yacht parade and a short race in the waters of River of Black Dragon (Heilongjiang). The boats sailed to Khabarovsk to continue the competition on July 23rd.

“I wish you good weather so that you’ll be able to sail all your way. Fair winds! And of course I hope that you’ll win”, Acting Mayor Sergei Kravchuk told the yachtsmen.

The closing and reward ceremony is going to be at Zaimka Tourist Complex on July 25th.

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