Delegation from Khabarovsk Took Part in Events in Fuyuan

One event took place with the financial support from the part of one of the biggest e-commerce company Alibaba Group on the Black Bear Island (Heixiazi-Dao is the name of the Chinese part of Bolshoi Ussuriyskiy island). After the solemn opening ceremony in support of water resources a few dozen grown up sturgeons together with 200 thousand young fish were set free into the river. Khabarovsk city administration representatives also took part in Ecological Safety and Interregional Cooperation Conference.

The Head of Environmental Protection Department of Khabarovsk City Administration Irina Dubyanskaya made a speech about the chemical, microbiological and helminthological study of fish in the Amur within the framework of joint Russian and Chinese monitoring of transboundary water bodies. According to the research fish meet sanitary regulations. The quality of water has become much better due to the efforts by Russians and the Chinese to prevent the pollution of the Sungari and the Amur. The pollution level of the Amur has been declining since 2010.

The biggest result of the meeting became the signing of The Quadripartite Cooperation Agreement among Pacific National University, Heilongjiang Academy of Sciences in Harbin, Far Eastern Research Institute of Agriculture, Major Economic and Technological Development Merged Company of Heilongjiang Province. Six different additional agreements were signed within this document. The scientists from Heilongjiang Academy of Sciences and Pacific National University are going to study wild cranberries which grow in Russia and cranberries brought from abroad as well as joint selective work in the near future. Another issue is the growing of industrial hemp. This plant is already grown in several regions in Russia. High-strength construction materials, eco clothes etc. are produced from it. The parties are also going to grow black tree mushrooms in vitro for food industry. Other joint projects are connected with big data which are data sets that are so large or complex that traditional data processing application software is inadequate to deal with them; Biofertilizers production and herbs gathering.

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