Students from Khabarovsk to Spend School Holidays in Japan

Nine people from gymnasiums # 3 and # 5 (8 schoolchildren and the head of the delegation) are going to visit Tokyo and Aomori during Autumn Holidays from 1st to 8th, November.

The students have got a grant from Japan Russia Youth Exchange Center (JREX) to finance the journey to Japan.

To participate in the project the teens can’t have the experience of participating in the center projects, must have good marks in the Japanese language and be interested in Japanese culture.

Besides Khabarovsk students Russian schoolchildren from Moscow, Sankt Petersburg, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk and Vladivostok are going to take part in the project. 50 people in total. Khabarovsk teens are going to have interesting itinerary that includes the visit to some Japanese schools such as Waseda, Kitajono, Aomori Minam, Edo museum, hanging around such districts as Harajuku, Akihabara and Odaiba with Japanese schoolchildren, excursion around Asakusa and archeological monuments, calligraphy master class etc.

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