XVI Tripartite Ecological Conference in Khabarovsk

Pressing ecological problems are discussed at each conference. Such issues as wastewater treatment, air quality improvement, global warming and other climate problems, recycling of waste etc have been discussed at the conference.

The experience in waste sorting plants construction and trash separation of our sister-cities is very useful for Khabarovsk.

The theme of the conference was “The role of ecological education in ensuring ecological security and the quality of city environment”

Ecologists fr om three countries – Russia, China and Japan – discussed the peculiarities of environmental education of children and teens.

The specialists from Departments of Ecology of Niigata and Harbin visited Children's Ecological and Biological Center wh ere they see the lesson “Evolution in science: from primitive knowledge to high technologies” during their stay in Khabarovsk.

Moreover the guests became interested in the Ecological Path created around the Center. They said about their desire to create such paths in their cities. The members of the Japanese delegation shared their experience in making waste sorting exciting for schoolchildren.

The practical meaning of XVI Tripartite Ecological Conference was that the ecologists decided to organize an ecological centers teachers exchange project for them to have an opportunity to use their colleagues’ experience.

The next conference will take place in Niigata in 2017.

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