Three Little Citizens of Khabarovsk Going to Have Medical treatment in South Korean Hospital Sejong

Children, one of them is less than one year old and two others are 1,5 and 13 year old, are leaving for Bucheon with their parents and a doctor on November 21st. South Korean cardiovascular surgeons are going to deliver little Khabarovsk Citizens serious expensive surgery.

The doctors from Hospital Sejong were in Khabarovsk in September to examine children who need surgical treatment and chose the ones who have to be operated urgently. Korean specialists have even brought state-of-the-art ultrasound diagnostic equipment to scan the children. According to them that equipment helps them set a diagnosis and understand whether they can deliver a surgery in their hospital. They can perform not only open surgery but minimally-invasive surgery using a catheter as well.

According to a consultant in Healthcare Department of Khabarovsk Tatiana Zaharova 41 children have been checked. Korean specialists haven’t only checked mew children but seen those who had surgery in their hospital in the past. Khabarovsk children have been provided with medical treatment in Hospital Sejong since 2002.

This kind-hearted project is the result of sister-cities relations between Khabarovsk and Bucheon. Doctors in Khabarovsk choose children with cardiovascular diseases, the Korean party pays for the stay of a child and one parent in the hospital, the tickets and medicine for the first month after the operation. The money for the medical treatment of little Russians is gathered by local charities.

Fifty children from Khabarovsk have been delivered a surgery so far. According to an official from Healthcare Department of Khabarovsk all operated children are absolutely healthy now, they have active lifestyle and do different sports.

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