Khabarovsk Team Victory at Friendship Radiosports Games – 2016 in Portland

According to the Chairman of Khabarovsk Krai Radio Sport Federation Master of Sports Evgeniy Stavitsky 35 sportsmen from four countries took part in the competition.

The contestants were from Khabarovsk (Russia), Tokyo (Japan), Victoria (Canada) and Portland. Four out of six Khabarovsk sportsmen are Masters of Sports and have very big experience.

The coach of Khabarovsk team and a participant of the games mentioned that the competition events included CW (including sending, receiving, and copying callsigns out of a pileup), HF contesting (regular voice, as opposed to code, via high frequency, aka “short wave”), and Fox Hunting (radio direction-finding on foot in a park).

The best sportsmen both in the individual and team events were awarded medals. As Khabarovsk team won the games it was given a rolling prize which is a special board with plaques with the information about the previous winners since 1989. Khabarovsk team have won the contest several times, it was the best at X-th International Friendship Radiosports Games that took place in Khabarovsk. The next XII-th games are going to be organized in the capital of the Russian Far East in 2018. Sportsmen from Khabarovsk and its sister-cities are going to take part in it. The first Sister-Cities Radiosports Games were organized in Khabarovsk in 1989. At first a friendship radiosports society was organized in Khabarovsk and later similar societies appeared in its sister-cities.

There are more than 60 members in Khabarovsk Krai Radio Sport Federation which is a part of Russian Amateur Radio Union. Khabarovsk team have one many competitions. The members of our team have won silver medals in HF contesting in absentia at All Russian Championship this year.

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