XXXIII-rd Harbin Summer Music Festival

XXXIII-rd Harbin Summer Music Festival took place from 6 to 20 August 2016. It was organized by Ministry of Culture of the People's Republic of China and Harbin Municipal People's Government.

Harbin Summer is one of the most popular and biggest festivals in China and it’s considered to symbolize Harbin. The festival takes place every two years. There are several parts, performances and events in the festival. Concerts of dancers and singers and opera performances with lots of foreign bands as participants take place during the event.

Famous Chinese and international modern music bands have taken part in the festival for the first time. Khabarovsk music band Up’real represented our city there. The band appeared in 2002. They usually perform pop music with some elements of rock, jazz, disco and use such musical instruments as a synthesizer, a saxophone, an electric guitar, a bass-guitar and drums. They performed four concerts on central squares in Harbin.

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