Young Japanese Environmentalists Come to Khabarovsk from Musashino

Before the trip to a tourist camp the members of the delegation had a meeting with Deputy Mayor in Charge of Social Issues Svetlana Shevchenko. At the beginning of the meeting the young environmentalists greeted everyone saying “Good afternoon! We’re from Musashino. We’re glad to see you!” Then Svetlana Shevchenko said a few words about Khabarovsk and the way our schoolchildren spend their time during the last days of their summer holidays. She also reminded about the long traditions of the relationship between Musashino and Khabarovsk and delegations exchange programs.

“The cooperation between our cities has been developing for the last 22 years. Elderly people from Musashino are planting trees in Khekhtsirsky Nature Reserve and young environmentalists study Far Eastern nature. The most important is that these project help to make friendship stronger, you may meet people who you later communicate with for many years”, Deputy Mayor in Charge of Social Issues Svetlana Shevchenko pointed out. The head of the Japanese delegation Osugi Yukari thanked Khabarovsk citizens for a warm welcome.

“We’ve been very glad to the opportunity to visit the capitol of the Russian Far East. Our environmentalists, who are from 12 to 17 years old, have never been to your country. I hope they will like it. A lot of children wanted to take part in the event. There were three times more children who wanted to go than we could take. So we took the worthiest young environmentalists”, the head of Children and Family Affairs Department of City of Musashino Osugi Yukari mentioned.

The children are departing for a summer camp on the river Hor today. They are going to live there with their young colleagues from Children's Ecological and Biological Center close to nature till Saturday. They are going to study different plants, birds, animals and fish. The children will have a chance to communicate with their peers, hike in the hills, sit around a bonfire, sing songs and study Russian culture. A good thing about a summer camp is that you can’t use their mobile phones, tablets and other gadgets kids use at home. They are going to live in tents with very few amenities. The guests from Musashino are spending the weekends in their peers’ families from Children's Ecological and Biological Center. The families will provide excursions around the city and to museums, Russian treats and show each kid from the Land of Rising Sun Russian families traditions.

A delegation of young environmentalists from Khabarovsk are to visit Musashino net year according to the exchange program.

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