Meeting with Delegation of Children from Sister-City Bucheon at Khabarovsk City Administration

It’s a reciprocal visit of schoolchildren fr om South Korea to the capital of the Russian Far East.

Ten Khabarovsk teenagers returned home fr om Bucheon, wh ere they stayed from July 27th to August 2nd, last week. Their peers from South Korea arrived in our city on August 8th. They, their Khabarovsk friends and accompanying people met with Deputy Mayor in Charge of Social Issues Svetlana Shevchenko. The head of the foreign delegation Kim Sun Su, who is in charge of international relations in Bucheon Municipality, gave the Mayor’s regards and expressed his gratitude for warm welcome.

The delegation of Korean Schoolchildren are going to stay in Khabarovsk till August 14th. Their itinerary is full of interesting events. After the official meeting at Khabarovsk City Administration the guests had an excursion around the city. They visited Komsomolskaya Square, Military Glory Square, Lenin Square, Glory Square, city ponds, Railway Station Square. Tomorrow they are going to Ethnic Cultures Centre Traditional Crafts wh ere they will learn how to make a Nanai charm, household utensils from willow, play traditional musical instruments and Russian and Nanai dances. The teens are also going to Oleg Koshevoi Summer Camp. The schoolchildren from the sister city are going to take part in Children Art festival, Russian Plays Fair, visit schools, kindergartens and children’s art centers, learn to paint toys and circle dancing in Russian Village tourist complex, have a boat trip along the Amur, walk around Severniy park and have fun in Zaimka Tourist Complex during their stay in Khabarovsk. The children are to spend two days, Saturday and Sunday, in Russian families to learn about their life.

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