Delegation of Children from Niigata (Japan) Visited Khabarovsk

Deputy Mayor in Charge of Social Issues Svetlana Shevchenko has met with the delegation today.

She said about the system of teenager’s education in Khabarovsk. There are 16 children and three adults, the Japanese Sister-City employees, in the delegation. Japanese schoolchildren managed to watch how their peers study and pass their free time and also stayed for a few days in Russian families during their visit to the capital of the Russian Far East. They had an excursion to a summer camp, additional educational centre, kindergarten # 167.

According to the head of the Japanese delegation Oi Takashi a lot of children in Niigata wanted to travel to Khabarovsk. So they had to make a contest. The best schoolchildren of the city wrote an essay “What do you want to learn in Khabarovsk?”. After the contest 16 teenagers were chosen for the project. The members of the Japanese delegation go home tomorrow. Russian children who do gymnastics in Sport Complex Olympia are going to Niigata with them. They are going to take part in masterclasses and joint exhibition performances.

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