Meeting with Businessmen from Busan in Khabarovsk City Administration

There was a meeting with businessmen from Busan, who came to Khabarovsk as a part of Eurasia Expedition of Busan, at Khabarovsk City Administration on July 21st, 2016. The head of International Relations Department of Khabarovsk City Administration Tatiana Ivanova, Director-General of Korean and Russian Businessmen and Law Association of Busan Kim Khwe Sun, entrepreneurs from Busan and the employees of the International Relations Department took part in the meeting. Ms. Ivanova said about social and economical situation in the city, the investment potential and supporting programs for small and medium businesses that are realized by Khabarovsk City Administration. Korean companies and the way they work in our city and joint projects in different spheres were also discussed at the meeting. New prospects for foreign investors have appeared in Khabarovsk with the creation of territories of advanced social and economic development. Ms. Ivanova said about the territories that have been allocated for TASED and tax benefits for their future residents. She also mentioned positive experience from teenagers delegations exchange programs between Khabarovsk and Busan.

The head of the delegation Mr. Kim Khwe Sun introduced the Vice-President of HTF Inc./BK ENE Co., Ltd. who said described the main goods produced by that South Korean company and mentioned their big products quality control. The head of international Relations Department of Sin Son Hospital Ms. Chwe Go Yun said that the hospital specializes on aging and cancer diseases prevention strategies. Ms. Chwe Go Yun expressed her hope that there will be a direct flight between Khabarovsk and Busan for people to be able to go to South Korea for medical treatment and that a branch office of the hospital will be opened in Khabarovsk.

The head of the delegation Mr. Kim Khwe Sun said about a company that produces LED components and their desire for the cooperation in this sphere. He also expressed the hope that a delegation from Khabarovsk would take part in Busan Economic Forum this November.

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