Forty Schoolchildren from Khabarovsk Returned from Harbin

The children spent a week from 27th June to 4th July in a Chinese city. The trip became possible due to the agreement for cooperation in different spheres. It was signed by the mayors of Khabarovsk and Harbin at International Cooperation Committee meeting back in 2005.

The municipalities of our cities pay a lot of attention to children’s exchanges projects because they’re a part of cultural cooperation that helps our peoples to understand each other better. Schoolchildren from Harbin visited Khabarovsk last year. Our teens have paid them a reciprocal visit this year. According to a representative from International Relations Department air travel costs were covered by Khabarovsk City Administration and the costs of staying in Harbin were covered by the hosting party. The winners of different contests, athletic games and educational competitions were traditionally among the members of the delegation. A week in Harbin was a wonderful present for schoolchildren after the end of the academic year.

Young people from Khabarovsk liven in the dormitory of Songshan International School. The itinerary of the students was full of different events, meetings and new experiences. The children visited the Oceanarium, museums, Urban Planning Centre of Harbin. That sight was a novelty in the agenda. The teenagers were told about the history of Harbin and the role of Russian architects, builders and engineers in the construction of the city and the railway during the excursion around the city. The students liked Fly over Harbin 3D. Besides, schoolchildren from Khabarovsk took part in concerts and sports competitions together with their peers from Harbin. Schoolchildren exchange projects will continue next summer with a reciprocal visit of Harbin teenagers to Khabarovsk.

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