Khabarovsk Veterans Visited Tong Jiang

The Foreign Affairs Office of Tong Jiang Municipal People's Government invited the delegation and Mayor Sokolov agreed with that proposal. The representatives of Veterans’ Council of Khabarovsk, participants in Great Patriotic War, home front workers, the representatives of Children of War organization were the members of the delegation. The head of the delegation was Deputy Chairman of City Veteran’s Council Vladimir Petrov.

The veterans were in China for four days. The guests had a meeting with Municipal Committee Secretary of Communist Party of China Mr. Xu Dedong. The members of the delegation laid flowers to the monument to Soviet soldiers died during the liberation of China from Japanese warmongers and the monument to the Chinese heroes who fought for the freedom of their country. They also visited the exhibition of soviet weapon of WWII in Tong Jiang.

According to the members of the delegation the memories about the joint struggle of Soviet and Chinese people against the invaders are kept safe in Celestial Empire. “The reception was very good and open-hearted. We had an opportunity to communicate with the citizens of Tong Jiang, elderly and young people. The Chinese are now preparing to celebrate WWII Victory Day. We were glad to learn that everyone there remembers about the contribution to the victory over the Japanese warmongers of soviet people. We were made clear that such kind of brotherly help is much appreciated and will never be forgotten”, Vladimir Petrov said.

The guest also had an excursion around the city. They were shown a new railroad bridge that will connect Tong Jiang in China and Nizhnelenenskoye village in Russia and a highway. While in Tong Jiang Russian veterans had a chance to visit city parks, a kindergarten and a school, Nanai Culture museum and Christian churches. They learned about traditional Chinese medicine.

According to Vladimir Petrov the members of the delegation invited Chinese veterans to visit Khabarovsk at the meeting with city officials.

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