Young People from Busan Come to Khabarovsk

Students from South Korea are going to spend almost a week in Khabarovsk. There are more people in the delegation than usual. May be because it’s 20-year anniversary of the project between Khabarovsk and Busan this year.

The students from Busan are interested in Russian culture, history and study the Russian language. The itinerary of the delegation includes the excursions around Khabarovsk Territorial Museum after N.I. Grodekov, Khabarovsk City History Museum, Children and the Youth Creative Centre Northern Lights, Ethnographic Centre Sikachi-Alyan, Russian Village. Besides the kids will have the opportunity to learn Khabarovsk better and walk around its streets, parks and squares. The students are going on home stay in Russian families for two days.

Under the program, which has existed since 1996, the peers of Korean students whose families they stayed in are going to Busan next year with reciprocal visit.

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