Duty Free Centre Opened in Raohe

Deputy Mayor in charge of Trade, Consumer Services and Food Industry Sergei Kazachenko and Deputy Mayor in Charge of International and Foreign Economic Relations Alexander Alexandrov took part in the ceremony of the official opening of Duty Free Centre in Raohe. There was a solemn atmosphere at the ceremony that gathered together businessmen from Khabarovsk and the representatives from Heilongjiang provincial government.

The opening time of the ceremony was symbolic – 8:38. Number 8 is considered to bring luck in China. There are products from Russia in the new mall. There are now more than 600 items of goods on its stalls. According to the Chinese the construction of this state-of-the-art mall has cost 10 mln. USD. “The decision to build this centre in Raohe District was made back in 1998 but later it was postponed for an indefinite term. And only with the support of Khabarovsk Mayor Alexander Sokolov the project was unfrozen. The target group for the goods sold in the centre isn’t only the locals. Products from Russia are popular all over China and the centre could become a base to fight for the Chinese market”, the director of the Duty Free Centre Mr. Tun Chen Bo said. A lot of goods that you can find there are made in Khabarovsk. They are candies, juice, beer, honey etc. The demand for such kid of products is very high in China.

The businessmen who are going to ship their products in the centre won’t need to pay any rent because the Chinese will sell everything. There are no taxes as well. “The absence of import duties gives advantages to the producers from Khabarovsk Krai. It’s a good chance for Khabarovsk producers to expand to a new market thus increasing production and profits. It means that new jobs will appear and companies will pay more taxes to the budget”, Deputy Mayor in charge of Trade, Consumer Services and Food Industry Sergei Kazachenko mentioned.

Besides Khabarovsk producers there are products from other Russian regions there. For example, there are products from Yakutiya in one department. Such kind of supermarkets have been built in such Chinese cities as Fuyuan, Raohe, Tongjiang, heihe and Suifenhe. A similar duty free center will be opened in Jianusi. The administration of this Chinese city has already expressed their intentions.

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