Deputy Mayor in Charge of International and Foreign Economic Relations Met Delegation from Heilongjiang Province and City of Fuyuan

Deputy Secretary General of Heilongjiang Province Wang Dawei and the Mayor of Fuyuan City Zhang Zitong were among the members of the delegation. The most important issue that was discussed at the meeting was the development of tourism between Heilongjiang Province and Khabarovsk. The problem of the travelling of elderly people was given much attention at the meeting. For example, Russian pensioners could have medical treatment in China. A new modern medical diagnostic center is going to be opened in Fuyuan where elderly will be able to get a diagnosis and recommendations for further treatment very fast and inexpensive. Eco tours will be offered for Chinese elderly tourists. For example, excursions to Far Eastern nature reserves, forests, parks. They will be able to taste and purchase Russian eco products. “I think if we work hard we’ll start a joint program. We’ll find financial assets for any elderly person both from China and Russia to be able to afford it.”, Alexander Alexandrov said.

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