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Development of Domestic and Inbound Tourism to be Discussed in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky

XXVII-th Meeting of Mayors from Siberia and Russian Far East with Mayors from Western Coast of Japan has opened in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

The meeting is going to last for two days. 23 delegations from two countries are taking part in it. Acting Deputy Mayor in Charge of International and Foreign Economic Relations Tatiana Ivanova has addressed the participants from the part of Mayor of Khabarovsk Sergei Kravchuk.

“This meeting is being held on the verge of 2020 – 50-year anniversary from the date of the first meeting of Mayors from Siberia and Russian Far East with Mayors from Western Coast of Japan which took place in Khabarovsk. Khabarovsk and Niigata will have been sister-cities for 55 years in 2020 too. Our cities have got big experience of mutual fruitful cooperation and understanding, friendly relationship based on profound and sincere respect since then”, Tatiana Ivanova mentioned.

She also mentioned that not only mayors have been expressing the desire to strengthen the cooperation but it has been discussed many times at top level meetings beetween the President of Russia Vladimir Putin and the Prime Minister of Japan Abe Shinzo. As a result of the summits the memorandum to organize Year of Russian and Japanese Interregional and Sister-Cities Exchanges in 2020-2021has been signed. Municipalities will take an active part in the realization of the events in the memorandum.

Khabarovsk City Administration in cooperation with Russian Far Eastern and Siberian Cities Aimed at Development Of Friendship with Japanese Cities Association and Cities from Western Coast of Japan Association work hard to develop sister-cities relations in different spheres. All this was mentioned in the joint communiqué that was signed at the end of the last meeting.

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