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Slavic Week in Khabarovsk Sister-City of Portland

A representative of the US delegation which has come to Khabarovsk to take part in Day of the City events Alan Ellis mentioned that event during his meeting with Khabarovsk Mayor Sergei Kravchuk. During the meeting Portland-Khabarovsk Sister-City Association (PKSCA) President Alan Ellis said that a lot of people in their city belong to the Slavic community and there is even a Slavic radio station. In this regard Slavic Week is going to be organized in Portland next January. A Russian Concert, where Russian speaking singers are going to perform, is going to take place during the week.

“Khabarovsk gymnasts have recently visited Portland. They performed wonderfully and made friends with American girls. It is very important that there are warm relations between our cities especially now when there are so many serious international and political discords in the world, Alan Ellis mentioned.

He also invited Khabarovsk citizens to take part in Slavic Week and suggested carrying on with sport exchanges in baseball and football.

“Each project makes the relations stronger. After their visit to Portland our gymnasts shared how they had intercommunicated with their American peers and spent time together”, Mayor Kravchuk said.

Sister-Cities Treaty between Khabarovsk and Portland was signed on 10th June, 1988. Some joint projects in the sphere of ecology, education, health care, culture and sport have been realized since then. US domestic wastes management technology has been used during the construction of Severnaya Wastes Transshipment Plant and a new SMW landfill. Portland medical technologies have been used to assist cancer-hematology department of Krai Children’s Hospital. According to statics 540 US citizens visited Khabarovsk in 2018. Their purpose was tourism, business and trade.

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