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Fourteen Foreign Delegations from Seven Countries Coming to Khabarovsk to Congratulate It with Its Anniversary

About sixty guests from different countries are going to take part in the celebrating events dedicated to Day of the City. The biggest foreign delegation are coming from Bucheon. It’s going to consist of 10 people with Honorable President of Sejong General Hospital, an Honorable Citizen of Khabarovsk Park Young Kwang as its member.

A big group of guests are coming from neighboring China. Khabarovsk will be congratulated by the citizens and the officials from Harbin, Hegang, Jiamusi and Fuyuan. Mayors from Musashino and Niigata as well as the members of Musashino-Tama-Khabarovsk Association are going to come. A delegation from Vietnam is coming too. An honorable guest will be a Consul General Socialist Republic of Vietnam Consulate General in Vladivostok Mr. Huynh Minh Chinh. Officials from Mongolia are going to take part in Day of the City celebrating events for the first time. The head of the delegation is a member of the State Great Khural of Mongolia Mr. Byambasuren Enkh-Amgalan. The guests from Republic of Belarus are also going to take part in the events. The guests from Portland (USA) are going to pay a friendly visit.

“A lot of delegations have decided to congratulate Khabarovsk this year. Our foreign guests like our city and the hospitability of its citizens. To my mind it’s a way to strengthen international friendly relations which has a positive effect on Khabarovsk image”, the Head of International Relations Department of Khabarovsk City Administration pointed out.

Besides official delegations foreign sing and dance groups are coming to Khabarovsk. About 100 singers and dancers are going to take part in the celebrating events.

 About 200 foreign guests from different countries are going to congratulate Khabarovsk with Day of the City.

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