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Cooperation Issues Were Discussed at Meeting of Khabarovsk Mayor with Ambassador of France to Russia Sylvie Bermann

CEOs of several big companies which have joint business projects with Russia accompany the members of French Embassy in their trip around the Russian Far East.

 “The delegation have arrived under the auspices of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russia and France. We are ready for the cooperation in the sphere of aircraft construction, healthcare and tourism. Our goal to establish new economic ties with your region”, Ms. Bermann mentioned during the negotiations.

Alexander Sokolov in his turn said about the possibilities created for businessmen on territories of the advanced development, benefits and other incentives for entrepreneurs.

 “We are ready to discuss all possibilities in the sphere of trade, catering, pharmaceutical industry development and healthcare. We may cooperate in the sphere of the creation of plants producing household appliances and chemistry. We are interested in the investment in the production of high quality building materials, land development, communal facilities and especially in ecologically effective treatment facilities. If you create plants near resource potential it allows to minimize costs and make the production more effective”. The Mayor said.

 Mayor Sokolov pointed out that the city has a stable economy. Khabarovsk has established economic and cultural connections with many countries among which are China, South Korea, Japan, Canada, Vietnam, the USA, Czech Republic and Germany. There is no France in the list but taking into consideration the interest of European business to Khabarovsk we may have economic connections in the future.

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