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Korean Investors Were Offered to Take Part in Construction of Three Socially Important Facilities

The negotiations about mutually beneficial cooperation took place in Khabarovsk City Administration. It is possible to construct a pedestrian underpass at the crossroad of Karl Marx and Dikopoltsev streets, a sewage collector in Krasnaya Rechka village and a water supply system in a being built Orekhovaya Sopka residential district with the help of foreign investors.

“All facilities are important and it’ll be a good thing if they are constructed. But I think that it’s better to begin with the construction of a pedestrian underpass to reduce streets congestion in the centre of Khabarovsk”, Acting Mayor of Khabarovsk Sergei Kravchuk said.

The approximate price of the pedestrian underpass is 300 million rubbles. Its project is ready and there are no questions from the part of specialists to the technical performance. The main problems are constrained working conditions and the time-frame. You can’t close the main road for a long time.

Twice as much money (600 million rubbles) is needed to construct a six kilometers long sewage collector in Krasnaya Rechka village. However the project needs improvement.
“We are interested in the construction of a water supply system in a new residential district called Orekhovaya Sopka. Our company is a part of LS-Ruspacific-group, Co.ltd. which specializes in the production of electrical equipment. We’ll study the project and give our proposals”, CEO LS Networks in Vladivostok Brand Manager Jun Hoon Kim said.

Orekhovaya Sopka residential district is included in a long-term city development plan. More than 600 000 square meters of residential property for more than 50 000 people is going to be built on 32 hectares of land. With the integrated development of the residential area the amount of water consumption is going to be 13 000 cubic meters per day. Preliminary estimates show 200 million rubles investment return in three or four years.

Businessmen from South Korea have already taken part in the construction of social infrastructure in Khabarovsk. Foreign investments helped to commission Yuzhnaya wastes transshipment station. Both sides completed the conditions of the contract.

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