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Delegation of Students from Bucheon (South Korea) arrived in Khabarovsk

The teenagers are going to stay in Khabarovsk for five days. This is a
reciprocal visit: young Khabarovsk citizens visited the Land of the Morning Calm within the framework of culture exchange project a year ago. All kids, both Russians and Koreans, are future artists, musicians and actors. The most important event in the itinerary is the meeting with Khabarovsk City administration officials.

According to Deputy Mayor in Charge of International and Foreign Economic Relations Alexander Alexandrov it’s already the third visit of Students from Bucheon. The children always go home full of rich experience and warm memories.

“We’ve tried to prepare an interesting and busy itinerary this time so they won’t be bored”, he said.

The itinerary is really busy: the guests are going to have a boat trip along the Amur, excursions, a pottery master class at “Traditional Crafts Centre”, a dramatic art master class at Triada Theatre, a visit to an art studio, Khabarovsk Regional Lore Museum named after Grodekov, a walk around Severny park. Moreover, they are going to spend two days in the families of their peers who they made friends with last year. Their itinerary will be busy there as well. It’ll include cooking such traditional Russian dishes as pelmeni, draniki, borsch etc. “Benefit” Khabarovsk Theatre Centre student Daria Mardashova who was hosted by a family in Bucheon last year said that she learned to prepare a popular Koran food kimchi.

“Koreans are very friendly people. They made us really welcome. We almost had no difficulties with the language divide because all of us like art”, she mentioned.

South Korean students return home on August 4th.

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