Mayor Sokolov Took Part in Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of Council of Europe

The meeting of the Congress took place in Strasbourg from 22 through 24 March. More than 30 issues were included in the agenda.

Alexander Sokolov took part in the discussion of a national issue. His speech was about national intercultural cooperation. He spoke about the Palace of Friendship, Khabarovsk Krai Peoples Assembly and different public councils created in Khabarovsk. According to Mr. Sokolov Europe needs to adopt the experience of cooperation with different nations in Soviet Union.

Local Government Reforms in France issues were also discussed at the Congress. The idea of the reform is to aggregate the municipalities and to halve the amount of municipal entities. “We’ve had the same experience in Russia. At first a settlement principle of the work of municipality was applied and then a district. The biggest problem we now face in Russia is the reduction of municipal powers. I think the reduction has to be stopped or we won’t be able to perform sufficiently the work expected by our citizens”, Alexander Sokolov mentioned.

Mayor of Khabarovsk paid tribute to the work of the representatives of youth organizations. According to Alexander Sokolov we have a lot to learn about in this sphere.

The issues of using state and municipal money in state purchasing, immigrants’ job placement, democracies in Georgia, Ukraine, Moldova, Baltic States, human rights in Turkey were discussed at the congress.

Alexander Sokolov is a member of the Russian delegation which represents 6 regions and 5 cities. The members of the delegation are approved by the President every four years.

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