Musashino-Tama-Khabarovsk Association: 20 Years of Friendship

Non-profit non-government association Musashino-Tama-Khabarovsk is celebrating its 20-year anniversary this year. Khabarovsk city administration has been working closely with the Association on the matters of forest plantations for 18 years.

Volunteers from a Japanese city of Musashino have been planting tree samplings in the forest in Voronezh-1 and Bolshekhekhtsirsky Nature Reserve annually since 1998. They have been helping to restore taiga in Nanai and Lazo areas in recent years.

The volunteers planted 51 samplings of Dahurian larch in front of Intourist hotel in Khabarovsk in May 2015. Besides, in May 2015 the delegation brought 20 samplings of Oriental cherry, which were planted in Gorzelenstroy arboretum.

More than 30 000 trees have been already planted by the volunteers.

The association also does a lot for children environmental education organizing conferences, teaching them about plants, animal prints and survival in the forest.

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