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Баннер Поддержка субъектов малого и среднего предпринимательства Баннер Коронавирус Баннер Внимание!

Development of Domestic and Inbound Tourism to be Discussed in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky

German Tourist Vector is aimed at the Russian Far East

Day of India to take place in Khabarovsk in 2020

Khabarovsk Pre-Adolescent Chamber Orchestra is to Take Part in Third Week of Chinese and Russian Culture and Art in Harbin (China)

Slavic Week in Khabarovsk Sister-City of Portland

Khabarovsk Ballet Dancers Caused Sensation in Hegang (China)

Annual Meeting Russian American Pacific Partnership (RAPP) Opened in Khabarovsk

Future Friends – the issues of future cooperation were discussed by the heads of Khabarovsk and Pohang

Khabarovsk – Pyongyang. Let Our Schoolchildren Be Friends!

Khabarovsk Gymnasts Showed Triumphal Results in USA Having Won 15 Medals

Schoolchildren from Khabarovsk Learned about History of China on Hainan

International Exhibition Opened in Khabarovsk City History Museum

Fourteen Foreign Delegations from Seven Countries Coming to Khabarovsk to Congratulate It with Its Anniversary

Khabarovsk Children Continue Treatment in Sejong General Hospital in South Korean City of Bucheon

Cooperation Issues Were Discussed at Meeting of Khabarovsk Mayor with Ambassador of France to Russia Sylvie Bermann

Korean Investors Were Offered to Take Part in Construction of Three Socially Important Facilities

Another Korean Restaurant to Open in Khabarovsk

Lotus Blossoming in Centre of Khabarovsk

Delegation of Students from Bucheon (South Korea) arrived in Khabarovsk

South Koreans Ready to Invest in Construction of Golf Club

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