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Баннер Поддержка субъектов малого и среднего предпринимательства Баннер Коронавирус Баннер Внимание!

Development of Domestic and Inbound Tourism to be Discussed in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky

German Tourist Vector is aimed at the Russian Far East

Day of India to take place in Khabarovsk in 2020

Khabarovsk Pre-Adolescent Chamber Orchestra is to Take Part in Third Week of Chinese and Russian Culture and Art in Harbin (China)

Slavic Week in Khabarovsk Sister-City of Portland

Khabarovsk Ballet Dancers Caused Sensation in Hegang (China)

Annual Meeting Russian American Pacific Partnership (RAPP) Opened in Khabarovsk

Future Friends – the issues of future cooperation were discussed by the heads of Khabarovsk and Pohang

Khabarovsk – Pyongyang. Let Our Schoolchildren Be Friends!

Khabarovsk Gymnasts Showed Triumphal Results in USA Having Won 15 Medals

Schoolchildren from Khabarovsk Learned about History of China on Hainan

International Exhibition Opened in Khabarovsk City History Museum

Fourteen Foreign Delegations from Seven Countries Coming to Khabarovsk to Congratulate It with Its Anniversary

Khabarovsk Children Continue Treatment in Sejong General Hospital in South Korean City of Bucheon

Cooperation Issues Were Discussed at Meeting of Khabarovsk Mayor with Ambassador of France to Russia Sylvie Bermann

Korean Investors Were Offered to Take Part in Construction of Three Socially Important Facilities

Another Korean Restaurant to Open in Khabarovsk

Lotus Blossoming in Centre of Khabarovsk

Delegation of Students from Bucheon (South Korea) arrived in Khabarovsk

South Koreans Ready to Invest in Construction of Golf Club

Students from Busan Come to Khabarovsk

Children from Portland want to study at Khabarovsk Schools

Khabarovsk Yachtsmen Went to Fuyuan to Take Part in International Sailing Race

School Children from Niigata Spent Five Days in Khabarovsk

Delegation Consisted of Niigata Municipal Assembly Members Visited Khabarovsk

Families from Chinese City of Fuyuan Paid Friendly Visit to Khabarovsk

South Korean Cardiologists from Sejong General Hospital to Visit Khabarovsk to Examine and Choose Khabarovsk Children with Heart Disease for Future Surgical Treatment in South Korea
The specialists from Sejong General Hospital are going to visit Khabarovsk from 12th to 15th November, 2017 to conduct the medical examination of children with heart diseases and choose those who need in South Korea.
Korean cardiologists are going to do ultrasonic scanning to choose five children with heart diseases who will go to Sejong General Hospital for operative treatment this November on their first day in Khabarovsk.
The doctors are going to conduct a routine medical examination of the children who had cardiac surgery from 2012 to 2016 on September 14th.
Khabarovsk has been cooperating with Bucheon since 2002. Due to this fact children with cardiovascular morbidity have been sent to Bucheon on the money from Bucheon Charity Fund.
59 children have had medical treatment in Sejong General Hospital since the cooperation was established. All of them have been operated successfully and their medical condition has improved.
After the treatment in South Korea the children have been leading healthy life style and have become successful in different spheres of life such as sport, art and studies. Many of them have been allowed to do sport so they go in for swimming, dancing, cycling etc.

Delegation from Sphere of Education from Sanya Visited Khabarovsk September 10-14

Delegation from Khabarovsk Took Part in Events in Fuyuan

Russian Official Delegation went from Khabarovsk to Niigata to Take Part in Meeting of Mayors from Siberia and Russian Far East with Mayors from Western Coast of Japan

The second Sino-Russian Cultural and Art Exchange Week in Harbin

Yuzhnaya Waste Transshipment Station Commissioning Covers Khabarovsk Waste Treatment Requirements

XIIIth All-Russian Businesswomen Contest Success-2017

Vice-Mayor Sergey Kravchuk Met with Delegation from Chinese City of Chengde

Khabarovsk Yachtsmеn Returned from Fuyuan after Finishing Chinese Stage of International Sailing Race

International Sailing Race Khabarovsk-Fuyuan-Khabarovsk

First Russian-Chinese Joint Scientific Project in Russian Far East Started on June 7th

Twenty Khabarovsk Cedar Trees were Planted in Muravyov-Amursky Park by Ecologists from Musashino

Vice-Mayor of Khabarovsk Sergei Kravchuk Met with Busan Consul General of Poland in Irkutsk Mr. Krzysztof Swiderek

Mayor of Khabarovsk Alexander Sokolov Met with Busan Chamber of Commerce and Industry Delegation

Khabarovsk – the City of Craftsmen

Agreement between Khabarovsk and Fuyuan Signed in Krai Capital

Children and Teenagers’ Artworks New Names of Asian-Pacific Region 2017 Is to Take Place in Khabarovsk

Chefs from Khabarovsk Going to Fight for First Prize in Harbin

Khabarovsk Children Returned after Heart Decease Treatment in South Korea

Window to East

Hotel under International Brand Ibis will Appear in Khabarovsk

Students from Khabarovsk to Spend School Holidays in Japan

XVI Tripartite Ecological Conference in Khabarovsk

Three Little Citizens of Khabarovsk Going to Have Medical treatment in South Korean Hospital Sejong

Doctors from South Korean Visited Khabarovsk

Khabarovsk Team Victory at Friendship Radiosports Games – 2016 in Portland

Delegation of Children Visited Niigata as Part of Program Habatake-21

XXXIII-rd Harbin Summer Music Festival

Young Japanese Environmentalists Come to Khabarovsk from Musashino

Representatives of Municipalities from Four Japanese Cities Visited Khabarovsk

Mayor of Khabarovsk Met with Businessmen from Shanxi Province

Meeting with Delegation of Children from Sister-City Bucheon at Khabarovsk City Administration

Delegation of Children from Niigata (Japan) Visited Khabarovsk

Meeting with Businessmen from Busan in Khabarovsk City Administration

IV Business Dialogue Russia-Japan

Forty Schoolchildren from Khabarovsk Returned from Harbin

Khabarovsk Veterans Visited Tong Jiang

Young People from Busan Come to Khabarovsk

Delegation from Khabarovsk Took Part in Celebrating Events Dedicated to Two International Sporting Competition in Fuyuan

Duty Free Centre Opened in Raohe

Deputy Mayor in Charge of International and Foreign Economic Relations Met Delegation from Heilongjiang Province and City of Fuyuan

Vice-Mayor of Khabarovsk Met with Consul General of Vietnam in Vladivostok

First Flight Khabarovsk – Fuyuan

Mayor Sokolov Took Part in Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of Council of Europe

Musashino-Tama-Khabarovsk Association: 20 Years of Friendship

Mayor of Khabarovsk Met with Consul General of India in Vladivostok

XXVI-th Children and Teenagers’ Artworks New Names of Asian-Pacific Region Began in Khabarovsk

Winners of All Republican Russian Language Contest in North Korea Visited Khabarovsk

Khabarovsk and Sanya Celebrated Five-Year Anniversary of Sister-Cities Relationship

Memorial Board with Poem Dedicated to Children Who Have Congenital Heart Disease Installed in Khabarovsk City History Museum

Fuyuan County (Heilongjiang Province, China) Received Status of Town

Khabarovsk Sculptures Delegation Taken Part in International Ice and Snow Festival in Harbin (China)

Dear citizens of Khabarovsk!

Khabarovsk is the Coolest City in the Russian Far East. You Can Feel History Here

Students Exchange Project between Khabarovsk and Portland Resumed after Long Pause

Deputy Mayor in Charge of International and Foreign Economic Relations Met Delegation from Busan (South Korea)

New Monument, Pond and Public Garden to Appear in Khabarovsk by its158-year Anniversary

Historic Meeting of Mayors from Siberia and Russian Far East with Mayors from Western Coast of Japan

Schoolchildren from Khabarovsk Returned Home

Mayor Alexander Sokolov Met with Representatives of Japanese Trade and Construction Companies

Cyclists from Khabarovsk and Fuyuan are Going to Take Part in Friendly Cycle Race

Vice Mayor of Khabarovsk Valery Lebeda Met the Members of Japanese Business Mission – 2015

Folk Dance and Music Groups from Sister-Cities Performed in Khabarovsk

Foreign Delegations Visited Khabarovsk to Take Part in Events Celebrating the 70th Anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War

Mayor of Khabarovsk Alexander Sokolov Met Delegation from Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Vladivostok

Mayor Sokolov Met with his Counterparts from South Korea

Children and Teenagers’ Artworks New Names of Asian-Pacific Region – 2015 Took Place in Khabarovsk

Mayor of Khabarovsk Alexander Sokolov had meeting with Consul General of Germany in Novosibirsk Mr. Viktor Richter

Deputy Mayor in charge of Trade, Consumer Services and Food Industry Sergei Kazachenko Had Meeting with Trade and Economic Adviser of Consulate General of China in Khabarovsk Mr. Du Wei in Khabarovsk City Administration

Issues of Pork Shipment from Heilongjiang Province (China) Were Discussed in Khabarovsk

Opening Ceremony of Monument Dedicated to 20-year Anniversary of Sister-Cities Relations between Khabarovsk and Harbin

Delegation from Fuyang District Visited Khabarovsk

Mayor of Khabarovsk Alexander Sokolov Met Official Delegation from Niigata (Japan)

Delegation of Businesswomen Association from Beijing Visited for the First Time capital of Russian Far East on Mayor Alexander Sokolov’s invitation

Schoolchildren from Bucheon Visited Khabarovsk

Young People’s Delegation from Busan (South Korea) Arrived in Khabaravsk on July, 7th

Official Delegation from Niigata City Stayed in Khabarovsk on Aug, 25-26th

Khabarovsk City Mayor Alexander Sokolov Met With representatives of Hokkaido Prefecture Large-Scale Companies

Students from Bucheon (Korean Sister-City of Khabarovsk) Were Obliged the City Hall’s Authorities for the Reception while Meeting at Khabarovsk City Administration

In Framework of International Exchange Program 16 Schoolchildren from Niigata (Japan) Were Staying in Khabarovsk

Khabarovsk City Mayor Alexander Sokolov Became an Honorary Citizen of Fuyuan City (China)

Friendship Drums Sounded at Khabarovsk City Palace of Culture

Khabarovsk City Mayor Alexander Sokolov Met Delegation of Chinese Business Women Union at City Palace of Culture

Two New Plants that are Going to Make Inexpensive Building Materials will be Constructed in Khabarovsk

Khabarovsk Delegation Returned fr om Harbin wh ere they Took Part in 6th International Committee on Cooperation between our Cities

Delegation of Young People from South Korean City of Busan is going to Visit Khabarovsk

About 30 000 of Khabarovsk Citizens Took Part in the Parade Dedicated to Day of the City

Foreign Musicians Took Part in New Names of Asian-Pacific Region – 2014 festival

Anniversary of Date When Mayor of Khabarovsk Was Presented Diploma of Bestowing Honorary Title “City of Military Glory” to Khabarovsk

Delegation from Ewha Medical Center (South Korea) Visited Khabarovsk

International Travel Expo World Travel Fair – 2014

Mayor of Khabarovsk Alexander Sokolov Met Delegation from Japan

2nd International Harbin Cold Zone Expo-2014

Returned with Prize

Mayor of Khabarovsk Alexander Sokolov Met Delegation from Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Vladivostok

Khabarovsk is celebrating one year anniversary of getting "City of Military Glory" title on February, 22nd

Mayor of Khabarovsk City Met Consul General of Japan in Khabarovsk

Mayor of Khabarovsk Alexander Sokolov and European Bank for Reconstruction and Development Representatives Discusses Perspectives of Mutually Beneficial Cooperation

II-nd International Young People’s Business Forum Has Begun in City Palace of Culture in Khabarovsk

Geomagnetic, Energy and Noise Pollution Maps are to be made in Khabarovsk

Issues of Mutually Beneficial Cooperation Aimed at Development of Capital of Russian Far East Were Discussed with Foreign Investors at Khabarovsk City Administration

The delegation from Department of Commerce of People's Government of Harbin (China) visited Khabarovsk City Municipality

Deputy Mayor in Charge of International and Foreign Economic Relations Met Official Delegation from Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture of Jilin Province

XXIV Meeting of Mayors from Siberian and Russian Far Eastern Cities and Cities of Japanese Western Coast Took Place in Maizuru (Japan)

Canadians want to build roads in Khabarovsk

Caravan Asia – 2013 Come to Khabarovsk

Implementation of Children and Young People Exchange Programs in July 2013

Khabarovsk Building Ceramic Plant Opened in the Capital of Far East

Mayor of Khabarovsk Alexander Sokolov met Consul General of Germany in Novosibirsk Mr. Neithart Hoefer-Wissing

Gala Night Dedicated to 155-year Anniversary of Khabarovsk took place in Sports and entertainment complex "Platinum Arena"

Companies from Bucheon (South Korea) take part in Architecture, Building Industry of the Far East Region Exhibition

The visit of Ambassador of France to Khabarovsk

Harbin Stars in Khabarovsk Sky

Future Visit of Delegation from Khabarovsk to Bucheon

Officials from Khabarovsk City Administration Took Part in Workshop about Interpretation of Migration Law for South Korean Citizens Living in Khabarovsk

Meeting of Mayor Sokolov with Consul General of Republic of Korea Mr. Li Yan Gu

11.04.2013 Representatives of Higer Bus Company Limited Visited Khabarovsk

27.03.2013 Meeting with Delegation from Weihai

26.03.2013 Meeting with Delegation from World Bank

Foreign Guests at New Names of Asian-Pacific Region – 2013 festival.

10.01 Returned with honours

The Fifth meeting of The International Committee
The Fifth meeting of the International Committee on cooperation between Khabarovsk (Russia) and Harbin (China) held in Khabarovsk from 13 to 14th of September  2011 year. The Chinese delegation of 54 people headed by deputy Mayor of Harbin city Jiao Yuanchao were participating in this meeting.

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