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Students Exchange Project between Khabarovsk and Portland Resumed after Long Pause

Deputy Mayor in Charge of International and Foreign Economic Relations Met Delegation from Busan (South Korea)

New Monument, Pond and Public Garden to Appear in Khabarovsk by its158-year Anniversary

Historic Meeting of Mayors from Siberia and Russian Far East with Mayors from Western Coast of Japan

Schoolchildren from Khabarovsk Returned Home

Mayor Alexander Sokolov Met with Representatives of Japanese Trade and Construction Companies

Cyclists from Khabarovsk and Fuyuan are Going to Take Part in Friendly Cycle Race

Vice Mayor of Khabarovsk Valery Lebeda Met the Members of Japanese Business Mission – 2015

Folk Dance and Music Groups from Sister-Cities Performed in Khabarovsk

Foreign Delegations Visited Khabarovsk to Take Part in Events Celebrating the 70th Anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War

Mayor of Khabarovsk Alexander Sokolov Met Delegation from Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Vladivostok

Mayor Sokolov Met with his Counterparts from South Korea

Children and Teenagers’ Artworks New Names of Asian-Pacific Region – 2015 Took Place in Khabarovsk

Mayor of Khabarovsk Alexander Sokolov had meeting with Consul General of Germany in Novosibirsk Mr. Viktor Richter

Deputy Mayor in charge of Trade, Consumer Services and Food Industry Sergei Kazachenko Had Meeting with Trade and Economic Adviser of Consulate General of China in Khabarovsk Mr. Du Wei in Khabarovsk City Administration

Issues of Pork Shipment from Heilongjiang Province (China) Were Discussed in Khabarovsk

Opening Ceremony of Monument Dedicated to 20-year Anniversary of Sister-Cities Relations between Khabarovsk and Harbin

Delegation from Fuyang District Visited Khabarovsk

Mayor of Khabarovsk Alexander Sokolov Met Official Delegation from Niigata (Japan)

Delegation of Businesswomen Association from Beijing Visited for the First Time capital of Russian Far East on Mayor Alexander Sokolov’s invitation

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