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Students from Busan Come to Khabarovsk

Children from Portland want to study at Khabarovsk Schools

Khabarovsk Yachtsmen Went to Fuyuan to Take Part in International Sailing Race

School Children from Niigata Spent Five Days in Khabarovsk

Delegation Consisted of Niigata Municipal Assembly Members Visited Khabarovsk

Families from Chinese City of Fuyuan Paid Friendly Visit to Khabarovsk

South Korean Cardiologists from Sejong General Hospital to Visit Khabarovsk to Examine and Choose Khabarovsk Children with Heart Disease for Future Surgical Treatment in South Korea
The specialists from Sejong General Hospital are going to visit Khabarovsk from 12th to 15th November, 2017 to conduct the medical examination of children with heart diseases and choose those who need in South Korea.
Korean cardiologists are going to do ultrasonic scanning to choose five children with heart diseases who will go to Sejong General Hospital for operative treatment this November on their first day in Khabarovsk.
The doctors are going to conduct a routine medical examination of the children who had cardiac surgery from 2012 to 2016 on September 14th.
Khabarovsk has been cooperating with Bucheon since 2002. Due to this fact children with cardiovascular morbidity have been sent to Bucheon on the money from Bucheon Charity Fund.
59 children have had medical treatment in Sejong General Hospital since the cooperation was established. All of them have been operated successfully and their medical condition has improved.
After the treatment in South Korea the children have been leading healthy life style and have become successful in different spheres of life such as sport, art and studies. Many of them have been allowed to do sport so they go in for swimming, dancing, cycling etc.

Delegation from Sphere of Education from Sanya Visited Khabarovsk September 10-14

Delegation from Khabarovsk Took Part in Events in Fuyuan

Russian Official Delegation went from Khabarovsk to Niigata to Take Part in Meeting of Mayors from Siberia and Russian Far East with Mayors from Western Coast of Japan

The second Sino-Russian Cultural and Art Exchange Week in Harbin

Yuzhnaya Waste Transshipment Station Commissioning Covers Khabarovsk Waste Treatment Requirements

XIIIth All-Russian Businesswomen Contest Success-2017

Vice-Mayor Sergey Kravchuk Met with Delegation from Chinese City of Chengde

Khabarovsk Yachtsmеn Returned from Fuyuan after Finishing Chinese Stage of International Sailing Race

International Sailing Race Khabarovsk-Fuyuan-Khabarovsk

First Russian-Chinese Joint Scientific Project in Russian Far East Started on June 7th

Twenty Khabarovsk Cedar Trees were Planted in Muravyov-Amursky Park by Ecologists from Musashino

Vice-Mayor of Khabarovsk Sergei Kravchuk Met with Busan Consul General of Poland in Irkutsk Mr. Krzysztof Swiderek

Mayor of Khabarovsk Alexander Sokolov Met with Busan Chamber of Commerce and Industry Delegation

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