Caravan Asia – 2013 Come to Khabarovsk

Implementation of Children and Young People Exchange Programs in July 2013

Khabarovsk Building Ceramic Plant Opened in the Capital of Far East

Mayor of Khabarovsk Alexander Sokolov met Consul General of Germany in Novosibirsk Mr. Neithart Hoefer-Wissing

Gala Night Dedicated to 155-year Anniversary of Khabarovsk took place in Sports and entertainment complex "Platinum Arena"

Companies from Bucheon (South Korea) take part in Architecture, Building Industry of the Far East Region Exhibition

The visit of Ambassador of France to Khabarovsk

Harbin Stars in Khabarovsk Sky

Future Visit of Delegation from Khabarovsk to Bucheon

Officials from Khabarovsk City Administration Took Part in Workshop about Interpretation of Migration Law for South Korean Citizens Living in Khabarovsk

Meeting of Mayor Sokolov with Consul General of Republic of Korea Mr. Li Yan Gu

11.04.2013 Representatives of Higer Bus Company Limited Visited Khabarovsk

27.03.2013 Meeting with Delegation from Weihai

26.03.2013 Meeting with Delegation from World Bank

Foreign Guests at New Names of Asian-Pacific Region – 2013 festival.

10.01 Returned with honours

The Fifth meeting of The International Committee
The Fifth meeting of the International Committee on cooperation between Khabarovsk (Russia) and Harbin (China) held in Khabarovsk from 13 to 14th of September  2011 year. The Chinese delegation of 54 people headed by deputy Mayor of Harbin city Jiao Yuanchao were participating in this meeting.

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