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In may 1858 year after conclusion of an Aigun treaty about delimitation with China near river Amur appeared Khabarovsk as a first Russian settlement and on the right coast of the river Amur was based a Khabarovsk military district. Khabarovsk city used to be in 1893 year Khabarovka. Advantageous geographic location on crossing far-eastern waterway, turned Khabarovsk military district into city just in a few decade, the population number of which by the end of 19th century was 15.5 thousand men.

Khabarovsk development mostly depends on the Tran Siberian magisterial. The final construction was in 1916 year of the bridge through the Amur river in Khabarovsk. Khabarovsk becomes a comprehensive district center and governor general residence. The fast city development. One of the leading ranks occupied in economy distillery and brewing industry, as well as sawmill. The basic part of the city development is due to soviet time. There were large-scale schemes of agricultural reclamation and Far East settlement, process of industrialization. Based on that was formation of industrial city multipurpose structure.

Khabarovsk is important transport node, connecting railway, river and air transportation. Khabarovsk occupies first place in railway and airway output transportation in Far East.

City territory - 0.4 thous sq m. Population (in 01.01.2002) - 600 thous men. Density of population - 1500 men on sq m. Distance from Khabarovsk to Moscow: railway -8533 km, air - 6075 km. There were in 2001 year 5 districts, which were united on 15 of February 2002 year in 4 territorial districts of municipal office: Zheleznodorozny, Youzhny Severny and Central.

At the beginning of market reform (1990 year) Khabarovsk has formatted as multifunctional nationwide economic center. A key factor in production area there was industry, transport and construction. None production area - healthcare, science, education. There are registered in the city 18,6 thous. businesses and organizations or 59% from registered in district. Large share of it is for trade businesses (41,4%), industry (10.2%), construction (13,4%). The largest density in gross Khabarovsk product is in “Transport” - 35,8%. The main branch of industry is: energetics (36,5% output of industry production), food processing industry (20.8%), mechanical engineering and metal processing (12.6%).

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