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General information

Khabarovsk city is the administrative centre of the Far Eastern federal district of the RF and Khabarovsk Territory. Khabarovsk is a modern industrial city with developed economy and infrastructure, high scientific and cultural opportunities.

Khabarovsk is located in the centre of the international railways and airways crossings on the right bank of the Amur River on the Sredneamurskaya lowland, near the Chinese border. The direct distance to Moscow (by air) is approximately 6100 km, by railroad is about 8533 km.

There are two airports, four railway stations, motorway system point, river port in the city. The city received the status of the centre of the Far Eastern federal district in 2002. There are also located Ministry of the Far East development, Eastern Command headquarters and about 200 regional bodies of the federal authority and government, the city is called the capital of the Far East. The city is the member of the Siberian and Far Eastern cities Association. Khabarovsk was assigned to the title of honour “City of Military Glory” on the 3rd of November 2012.

The population of Khabarovsk is about 593 thousand people. Total area of the city is 388,7 km2.

In terms of economy Khabarovsk is presenting dynamically developing industrial centre. Turnover of the city’s organizations in 2012 was 362 billion roubles. The most dynamically developing types of activities are real estate operations, financial activities, transport and communication, distributive industries. Significantly growing the volumes of the industrial production.

Khabarovsk is strengthening economic and cultural ties with the neighboring countries of the Asia-Pacific region, is on the visiting terms with the sister-cities Niigata, Portland, Victoria, Harbin, Pucheon and Sanya.

Khabarovsk is an important educational centre. There are more than two hundred higher educational institutions, including the branches of the large Russian HEI, such as Russian Academy of Justice, branch of the Saint Petersburg Institute of the external economic relations, economy and law, Russian Law Academy of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation.

From the tourist’s attraction point of view it can be mentioned that Khabarovsk has a row of the competitive advantages compare to the other cities of Russia. There can be counted more than 20 hotels with the room types ranging from economy to deluxe type in Khabarovsk. Various world cuisines are represented in the Khabarovsk restaurants: Russian, Ukrainian, Italian, French, Bulgarian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Uzbek, Azerbaijan and other. Also it is possible to attend a lot of cultural and entertaining facilities.

Great interest for the visitors aroused by the city museums expositions, devoted to the history and life of the people of the territory, crafts and art.

For the admirers of the stage play there are 6 theatres in Khabarovsk including the children’s museum. Theatre life in Khabarovsk will not leave uninterested even the most savvy spectators because the theatre’s repertoires include a lot of different genre performances and the leading parts are often played by the People’s artist of Russia. Also it is possible to enjoy the performances of the guest artist from the various cities of Russia, not excluding the capital.

In most of the residential areas of Khabarovsk large and medium sized shopping malls are built which makes shopping very convenient. Especially there are a lot of shopping malls and different shops on the Muravyova-Amurskogo street and Karla Marxa street. The goods that can be found in the shops of the main streets are various: from the quality textile of the leading world brands to different souvenirs with the city symbols.

Also there are a lot of picturesque places adapted for hiking in Khabarovsk, such as city ponds, regional park named after N.N. Muravyov-Amurskiy, “Dinamo” park and many other places.

There are more nice changes in the look of the regional centre every year, the storeys of the new buildings are growing, roads and road junctions are building, parks and public gardens becoming more attractive.

It is important to point out that the city became the winner of “The Most landscaped city of Russia” competition three times and other different prestigious all-Russian competitions of the local government – “The Best municipal unit”.

In 2011 Khabarovsk participated and received 300 rewards in 100 All-Russian and International competitions.

According to the results of the IV International review competition of the city practices “The best city of the CIS and EurAsEC” the city of Khabarovsk was granted diplomas in the major nominations – “Carrying out of the effective economic policy” and “Innovative approach to the strategic planning of the city development”.

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