Khabarovsk city has about 5 sister's cities at present time. So on the 23 rd of April 1965 year were set a sisters relations with Niigata, Japan. On the 10th of June 1988 year was signed agreement about sisters relations with American Portland city. On the 25th of May 1990 year, there was conclusion of treaty with Canada, Victoria city. And from 15th of June 1993 year was signed a document about sisters relations between Khabarovsk and Harbin, China. Khabarovsk also has acquired another sister town - Pucheon, Korean republic.


In January 2005 Khabarovsk masters successfully appeared on 10th Harbin International contest of the snow sculpture (occupied 1st place) and 19th ice sculpture contest. In December of 2005 year has been conducted work for participation of the Khabarovsk masters of the ice and snow sculpture in Harbin International festival “Snow and ice” in January 2006 year.


Khabarovsk has began its friendly relations with Japan in 1965 year when was signed the “Agreement about sisters affiliation ” between Khabarovsk and Niigata.

There has been a saturated events last year dedicated to 40 years anniversary of the sisters relations between two Khabarovsk and Niigata cities, and also 150 years anniversary of government relations between Russia and Japan.

The business mission from Japanese sister city have made its first attempt to organize concrete business negotiations between entrepreneurs on a good exhibitions that is manufactured in Niigata city. There have been participation of Khabarovsk entrepreneurs in the international exhibition work “Niigata - Business Messe”, where some of the Khabarovsk entrepreneurs were made its product presentation and city investments potential, the city tourists firms had introduced perspectives and possibilities of the tourists exchange.

Khabarovsk city besides Niigata has close relations with Japanese city Musasino over 14 years and the basis for international relations of the Khabarovsk moreover Musasino cities is annually signing the “Joint efforts agreement on protection of the Far East taiga”. There is also a municipality representatives arrangement of the Musasino and Khabarovsk City Administration about annual exchange of the youth ecology delegations.


In the framework of existing program about the ecology problem solution in the city there has been work continued with Portland (USA) sister town in 2005 year. The current problem formation within the framework relations of Khabarovsk and Portland since 1999. Khabarovsk main project executives was Housing service authority which attracted the experts from the All-Russian public of nature conservation Khabarovsk public organization.

The project implementation cannot solve all waste problems in Khabarovsk but will allow to continue a work on environmental improvement in the city in 2006 year.


Khabarovsk and Canada in its sister's framework experience some objectives difficulties with distance between two cities, this is a result in limited number of people participation in exchange between cities. However, both sides are undertaking the efforts continuing development and expansion of relations in 2006 year: agreement realization about municipal delegation official visit from Victoria city (Canada) to Khabarovsk city, educational exchange development.


During 2005 year took place a development of relations between Khabarovsk city Administration and Korean partners.

In May 2005 Bucheon (Korean Republic) delegation with the Mayor Hon Gon Phe were paid an official visit to Khabarovsk city. At the official meeting of the Mayor Sokolov with Pucheon city delegation was signed an agreement about relations between Khabarovsk city Administration and the Korean child charity fund “Save the children”, the fund activity has been prolonged for 3 more years. Our sister cities have cultural relations where pupils of both cities taking part in art work at international competition of the child draw.

In accordance with youth exchange program between Khabarovsk and Pusan cities in 2005 year a young delegation of our city have visited Pusan city by the Mayor invitation, and in 2006 year Korean youth delegation will pay a visit to Khabarovsk city.

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