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Khabarovsk’s business relationship with the foreign countries had already started at the initial stage of the city’s history. Khabarovsk follows this traditions nowadays as well maintaining mutually beneficial relationship with man countries. In the end of XX beginning of XXI century started an active engagement of the foreign goods and investments in to the Khabarovsk’s economy. The special role is held by the sister-cities with which Khabarovsk developing friendly, business and cultural relationship. Khabarovsk has 6 foreign sister-cities: Niigata (Japan), Portland (USA), Victoria (Canada), Harbin (China), Bucheon (South Korea), Sanya (China).

    Niigata, Japan.
    Origins of the friendship between Khabarovsk and Niigata come fr om the summer of 1964 when Japanese city of Niigata was hit with the disaster – a big earthquake and following floods. As a goodwill gesture the residents of Khabarovsk sent 3 thousand cubic meters of building wood to Niigata. 7 months after in April 1965 the “Sister-cities Agreement” between Khabarovsk and Niigata was signed. Since then the relationship with Niigata hasn’t stopped and always proved fruitfulness and interest of the countries in the dialogue of two different cultures.
    Niigata is an administrative centre of the Niigata prefecture. It was founded on the 1st of April 1889. Total area is 726,10 km, the population is 811 876 people (as on the 1st of June 2010), population density is 1118,13 people/km.
    Niigata is a biggest port on the Japanese sea cost. Niigata is a symbol of Japan as a “country of snow” (“yukiguni”). Niigata is traditionally famous for its fine Japanese cuisine.
    Longstanding friendly relationship of Khabarovsk with Niigata are improving in the fields of culture, sport, economy and experience exchange of the municipalities work.
    Regular meetings of the heads of the city administrations of Siberia, Far East of Russia with the mayors of the cities of the Western coast of Japan are being held since 1970 where they discuss social and economic issues of their relationship. The Associations of the heads of administration of the cities of the Far East and Siberia and mayors of the Japanese cities were created. From the time of its creation until nowadays the mayors of Khabarovsk and Niigata are in charge. Meetings of the mayors are held every two years, alternatively in Japanese and Russian cities. Similar forums helping to strengthen the contacts and trust not only between the heads of the municipalities but in between the business associations of our countries.
    Trade and economic relationship are actively developing between the businesspeople of Khabarovsk and Niigata. It became a good tradition for the businessmen from Niigata to participate in the International exhibition “Priamurskaya trade fair” which is taking place in Khabarovsk every autumn. Whereas representatives of Khabarovsk businesses are participating in the Japanese exhibitions: “Products and flowers” and “Business - Mass” which are annually held in Niigata.  
    The basis of the friendly relationship with the oldest partner – Niigata, is culture. That means holding of paintings and graphic art exhibitions which help to get familiar with sister-cities; exchange of the cultural groups. There are always exchange in the field of sport, such as gymnastics, volleyball, basketball, table tennis, baseball, judo, athletics competitions. The residents of the sister-cities have a chance to know the neighbour country in the frames of the program “Wings of friendship” there are delegations exchange. The “Khabatake-21” program is being realized which unites people of different countries, teaches to understand and accept the culture of other nations, familiarizes participants with the history and traditions of different countries.
    It is important to point out that during the whole period of relationship the special attention is drawn to the upbringing of the youth of two cities in the spirit of mutual understanding and good neighbourliness. In this regard regular school students exchange is happening.
    Khabarovsk and Niigata are carrying out active works in the field of ecology and environmental protection.

    Portland, USA.
    American city Portland became the second sister-city of Khabarovsk. The sister-city agreement with Khabarovsk was signed on the 10th of June 1988.
    Portland is a city on the North-West of the USA, it’s a biggest city of the state of Oregon.
    The population is 556 thousand people, 2 million people together with agglomeration (24th place in USA). It is located on the bank of the Willamette River.
    Portland is an important economic centre of the North-West of the USA. A large port, railroad junction, airport. There are companies of the woodworking, cellulose, metalworking, food industries in the city. Transport and electro-technical machine building is developed.
    Nowadays Khabarovsk and Portland are carrying out the projects of humanitarian relationship in arts, exchanging the jazz musical bands, children paintings. Housing and public utilities services managements of the city administration together with the association “Portland-Khabarovsk” is realizing ecological projects on the separation and sorting of rubbish in Khabarovsk and also in the field of engineering consultations and drinking water purification. Portland’s specialists and personnel of the housing and utilities services companies in Khabarovsk are studying the best experience applying it in practice.
    Working on the education exchange programs realization Khabarovsk Pedagogical University (FESGU at present) was the first one to sign an agreement on the start of the student and professor exchange with the Lewis and Clark college in Portland.
    Since 1990 as per the agreement concluded between Portland State University and Khabarovsk Institute of National Economy (KhSAEaL at present) “Russian-American business management school” opened in Khabarovsk.
    In August 2011 X international radio-games took place in Khabarovsk between the sister-cities in which radio lovers from Portland took a part.

    Victoria, Canada.
    Victoria is a city on the far west of Canada, it is the capital of British Columbia. It’s total area is 19,47 square kilometres. It is located on the South-East part of the Vancouver island. The population of Victoria is about 80 000 people.
    The sister-city agreement with Khabarovsk was signed on the 25th of May 1990. The past has shown that the sister-cities have areas of common interest. The similar climate conditions makes currently central relationship in the field of city building, usage and storage of mineral resources.
    Generally, there are more relationship in the field of culture and education. As a result of mutual work of the Canadian agency of international development, Association “Victoria-Khabarovsk” and Khabarovsk city administration there is a competition carried out every two years in Khabarovsk for the right to study at the Lester Pearson college. The winner of the competition – the graduate of one of the schools of Khabarovsk receives an opportunity to get an international Bachelor’s degree diploma on a two-year course in this college paid by the Canadian side.
    In the relationship with the Association “Victoria-Khabarovsk” the visits of the creative intellectuals, students, art groups to Canada are organized. There is an exchange of the students paintings of the cities. Constant contacts of the radio-lovers of Canada, USA and Japan with the Khabarovsk radio-lovers club became in to the regular radio-sport competitions, being held in turn in one of the countries-participants.

Harbin, China.
Sister-city agreement between Khabarovsk and Harbin was signed on the 15th of July 1993.
Harbin is a city in the North-East of China, an administrative centre of the Heilongjiang province and according to the modern Chinese administrative divisions Harbin is a subprovincial city. Harbin in the administrative and territorial meaning is divided in 3 towns of the district level, 8 city districts and 7 divisions.
The total area of Harbin is 7086 sq.km. In Harbin itself, town districts and divisions the population is about 10 million people.
Harbin is a large political, economic, administrative and scientific centre of China.
Inter-municipal relationship between Khabarovsk and Harbin are shown in stable efficiency. The relationship in the following fields are actively developing: education, medicine, youth policy, ecology, culture, sport, tourism.
Since 2005 there is an agreement for creating an International committee on cooperation between Khabarovsk and Harbin which helps to harmonize relations in economy, industry, communications, ecology.
The relationship are developing in the field of education, the groups of the Khabarovsk’s students spend summer holidays in Harbin, and the students of Chinese schools spend time in Khabarovsk. The professors from the gymnasium of the oriental languages #4 passed their training in the secondary school Sunshan in Harbin.
Sports delegations exchange and friendly competitions are taking place.
Employers of Harbin’s municipality and Chinese university professors studied in the Pacific university improving their Russian language and Far Eastern economy.
On the mutual researches in the field of water purification there’s been a cooperation between MUE “Vodokanal” and Harbin’s corporation of water supply and sewerage.
During the years Khabarovsk’s artists participate in the international ice and snow competitions in Harbin and traditionally taking the winning places.
Annually in May creative groups from Harbin performing in Khabarovsk on the city anniversary celebrations, and in August creative groups of the regional centre participating in the “Harbin summer” festival.
Chinese decorative and applied art craftsmen every year participate in the exhibition of the decorative and applied arts “Khabarovsk is a city of craftsmen” by demonstrating highly artistic clipping of flower and different ornaments of paper.
It became a tradition for Harbin’s delegation to participate in the international festival of the children and youth artwork “New names of the APR countries” with their musical program. Students and pupils take a part in this festival, their level of playing the musical instruments is very high and gather a lot of spectators.
Khabarovsk city administration draw attention for the development of the intercommunications. Its example can be carrying out of the international conference on the environmental protection issues with the participation of the delegations and ecologists of the sister-cities Niigata, Harbin and Khabarovsk.
An active development of the relationship in the field of healthcare and medicine is taking place between Khabarovsk and Harbin. There are scientific-practical medical conferences.
In the international relationship development between Khabarovsk and Harbin the big attention is drawn on the trade and economic relationship development and realization of the mutual projects.
Companies and business representatives of Khabarovsk participate in the annual International Harbin trade and economic exhibition that is taking place in Harbin. During this exhibition Khabarovsk’s companies have a chance to present its goods and find business partners in Harbin. Harbin companies at the same time taking part in Khabarovsk’s exhibitions.

Bucheon, South Korea.
Year 2002 became a special year in the relationship between Khabarovsk and Bucheon. The sister-cities agreement was signed on the 24th of June 2002.
Bucheon was founded on 29.08.1910, it has changed a few names and officially became Bucheon in 1973. It is located in the Kyonggi-do province. The total area is 53,45 sq.km. The population is 890352 people. Bucheon is positioned as a cultural centre of the central part of South Korea by the local authorities. Bucheon is famous for its developed animation and cinematography industries and claims to get the title of the cultural centre of the county of the XXI century.
Bucheon arranges various festivals and competitions, scientific conferences
wh ere participants from Khabarovsk taking a part. The result of the warm relationship of the two cities is a strong partnership.
During the cooperation the relationship between the two cities went far ahead. The main direction, from which everything has started is medicine. For eleven years in the world-wide famous hospital Sejong 45 young Khabarovsk residents undergo medical surgery. Children that suffered with the hard heart conditions received the second chance for life in Bucheon. The main contribution in this cooperation was given by the president of the clinic Park Yon Gwan and his achievements were mentioned in 2009 by awarding him with the title of the “Honorary Citizen of Khabarovsk”.
In the frames of the sister-cities relationship between Khabarovsk and Bucheon the delegations exchange program is being realized. Participating in such projects the residents visiting foreign sister-city as tourists can also take a part in the largest cultural events that are currently happening in the sister-city.
Cultural relationship are successfully developing between our cities. Creative group exchange is taking place annually. Khabarovsk’s residents participate in the international art festival Boksagol and dance groups of Bucheon perform in Khabarovsk on the city anniversary celebrations. Young Korean musicians are always welcomed at the international festival of the children and youth artwork “New Names of the APR countries”. The paintings of the Bucheon’s pupils are annually demonstrated at the exhibition “Talents of youth for the beloved city”.
Projects related to the youth exchange are mutually supported. Such exchanges help to strengthen friendship between representatives of the youth and allow them to get familiar with the culture, traditions and modern life of the foreign agemates.
The result of the cooperation of the Khabarovsk city administration and the Bucheon industry development fund became annually participation of the Korean construction companies in the “Architecture and building industry of the Far Eastern region” exhibition. Participating in this exhibition South Korean business demonstrates newest developments of the products of the building industry of Bucheon, cooperation with the Russian companies is being established.
Further development of the relationship in different fields of culture and education, economy and medicine, tourism and trade, science and machinery, sport is planned in the future. Khabarovsk is ready to continue further strong relationship with the South Korean sister-city!

Sanya, China.
Sanya is the most southern city in China, it is located on the Hainan island on the South China sea coast. The climate conditions allow to have holidays here all year round. City’s permanent population is about 600 thousand people. The total area is 1919,58 sq.km.
The sister-city agreement between Khabarovsk and Sanya of the Hainan province was signed on the 22nd of February 2011. Both sides mutually agreed to equally and mutually benefit to encourage friendly exchanges between the cities, promoting economy and trade, actively develop relationship in such fields as science and machinery, culture, education, healthcare, tourism. Also two Memorandums on the relationship development in the field of tourism, economy and culture were signed.
The sister-cities are planning to establish student exchange programs. Russian side also suggests creating a summer camp for the Khabarovsk’s youth.

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